Khateeb – volunteer

Expired on: Dec 31, 2021

The Friday prayer is the main weekly religious assembly of the Muslim community. For
many members of the community, the Friday prayer is often the main source of religious
knowledge, spiritual counsel and community connection. Those leading the Friday
prayer carry an immense responsibility and must fulfill their role with humility and love
for the congregation. The sermon is a very important aspect of the Friday prayer. Its primary purpose is to
serve as a spiritual and religious reminder.


ICSC is looking for Khateebs preferably with the following qualifications


Friday khateebs must have the requisite knowledge and public speaking skills to give the
sermon, khutba. This knowledge includes memorization of parts of the Quran, familiarity
with the rules of Quran recitation and sufficient knowledge to deliver the sermon and
lead the prayer. They must be able to deliver the khutba in clear concise English, while
employing Arabic for Quranic quotations and formulaic invocations at the start and end
of the khutba.



If you meet the above qualifications, please submit a one page profile

Sorry! This job has expired.