Assalam u Alaikum! Respected South Calgary Community members,

With the blessings of Allah and efforts of ICSC board & the community volunteers, we are excited to announce that MCC has called SGM (Special General-membership Meeting) to seek membership approval to initiate construction of the Islamic Center of South Calgary (ICSC) i.e. ICSC Masjid, sited at 16555 104 St SE Calgary.

Al-hum-du-lillah this is an important milestone towards building our masjid in deep south Calgary to serve Muslims communities. (Last SGM was called in August 2022, but was adjourned due to lack of membership attendance. Only 18 persons attended from all south Calgary communities.)

At the SGM, MCC will be seeking community approval by voting to initiate construction of the South Calgary Islamic Centre Project.

  • WHEN: April 8, 2023 at 2:30PM (after Zuhar prayer)
  • WHERE: Akram Jumuah Center gym (2624 39 Ave NE Calgary)
  • Registration is required to attend the SGM. RSVP by email your full name, address and phone number at
  • Only members can vote at the SGM.

We encourage you all to please become ICSC member by filling out the simple online FORM to be able to vote in support of the ICSC masjid construction approval.

Please visit the ICSC website for up to date information about the ICSC masjid project.

We appreciate your attendance in support of building the masjid in deep south Calgary. Jazak Allah..!

ICSC Board

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MCC SGM announcement- SE project