ICSC Elections 2023

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  • Elections Committee
  • Forms for Nomination
  • Voters Eligibility
  • Requirements for Candidates
  • Voting Day Rules
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  1. As per By-laws of Islamic Centre of South Calgary, it is time to elect the new Board of Directors for next two-year term (August 2023 to July 2025).

Following positions will be open for Board Nomination.
• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Directors (7 positions)

Islamic Centre of South Calgary believes in providing equal and non-contentious opportunity to stand as a candidate. We request and encourage people to volunteer on the board, especially our sisters and youth (our future leaders) and make our community’s representation strong by participating in a friendly and positive election process.

Election Date & Time:

The Elections will be held on Sunday July 30th from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM.

Jazakum-Allahu Khairan

ICSC Board

ICSC Election Committee:

The ICSC Board has appointed following Election Committee:

· Farooq Qadir (Chair)

· Nadeem Butt

· Muhammad Faisal Chaudhry

If you have any questions, please call the election committee, or send an email: ec@muslimscalgary.ca

The following three forms are required to submit your profile as a candidate. Please email the following forms to ec@muslimscalgary.ca

Any one will be eligible for vote if he/she comply with following condition:

· You must be a registered member on or before July 30th 2023.

· Must be a Muslim

· He / She believe Muhammad (PBUH) is the LAST Prophet

· Must be of age 18 years and above

· Must be Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada

· Must have paid minimum $10 of membership fees

· Reside in SE Quadrant i.e. South of Glenmore from SW & SE down to city limits

If you don’t have your member # or have questions around your membership, please send an email to secretary@icsouthcalgary.com

  • You must be a registered member in good standing  to file nomination forms to stand as candidates.
  • You should not be an office bearer and or active participating member of any other religious organization.
  • The duly filled Nomination and Declaration forms from the candidates along with their ICSC Candidate profile based on the attached template should be received no later than July 16th 2023.
  • Candidates can make a clear scanned copy and email the forms to address ec@muslimscalgary.ca or submit in person to one of the election committee members.
  • The preliminary list of approved candidates will be announced on July 15, 2023.
  • Candidates may withdraw their nomination before July 20, 2023.
  • The final list of candidates will be announced by July 21 ,2023.
  1. All volunteers and delegates for scrutiny at polling stations must show a government issued photo ID and register with Election Committee.
  2. After registration, Volunteer or Scrutineer Tags will be given that must be worn at all times while in Polling Station.
  3. Only Two to Three Scrutineers will be allowed, Candidates must select renowned community members to act as Scrutineers who will be present during the election process and counting of ballots.
  4. Scrutineer will not be allowed to talk to any of the voters or volunteers; they must raise all concerns to Election Committee.
  5. Voting will be held on Bay #3 of Queensland Musallah 539 Queensland Drive SE.
  6. Only those persons will be allowed to vote who are Members in good standing, their name is listed in the ICSC Membership Register.
  7. To verify please provide Government Issue Photo ID e.g. Driver’s License.
  8. All donors who are not members are required to become member to be eligible for the voting. The membership can be obtained by filling online application form and attaching the proof of donation with the application.


  1. There will be NO AFFIDAVITS ENTERTAINED and ONLY MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED to vote on the election day. NO OTHER FAMILY MEMBER WILL BE ALLOWED TO VOTE unless they have registered individually by filling out the membership form.
  2. There will be Zero Tolerance for election rule violations or abuse of volunteers. Any abuse by the candidate or supporters may disqualify him / her in the election.
  3. No Canvassing / Gathering within 100 meters of polling station. Voters are requested to vote and leave.
  4. No candidate will be allowed inside the polling station except only to vote.
  5. STRICTLY, No capturing of video or photos will be allowed in the polling area.
  6. Election committee member in-charge of Polling Station has responsibility to keep peace in the polling station so please fully cooperate else security services will be asked to take action.
  7. In case of any dispute, decision of Election Committee shall be considered final.
Members Search

To check if you are a valid ICSC member or to become ICSC member to be eligible for vote click HERE.

If you have any questions around your membership, please send an email to secretary@icsouthcalgary.com

Assalam u Alaikum! Dear Muslims of South Calgary,

On behalf of ICSC Election Committee, we would like to update the Muslims community of south Calgary that only five candidates were nominated and acclaimed positions in board. There were not more than one nominations competing for same position in the board. So, elections scheduled for July 30th will NOT be held.

We congratulate the new ICSC board members and thank them for stepping for the Muslims community.

We would like to thank the departing members of the current ICSC Board for their time, efforts and commitment to the community service over the past 2 years. The board under leadership of Adnan Sami successfully delivered the necessary religious and social community services during the tenure despite COVID-19 and economic challenges. Getting approval for the ICSC Masjid construction was this Board’s historic achievement, with the help of community. May Allah reward them multifold.

Positions acclaimed by new ICSC Board Members for 2 years term, effective officially from August 1st 2023:

  •  Haseeb Ur Rehman Siddiqi – President
  • Muhammad Arslan Asim – Vice President
  • Malik Sabir – Treasurer
  • Khaled Elmalawanay – Director
  • Momtaz Ali – Director
  • Haroun Yussuf – Director
  • Awais Rafiq – Director
  • Basma Kholoussi – Director

We would like to especially thank the ICSC Election committee: Farooq Qadir (Chair), Nadeem Butt (members), Muhammad Faisal Chaudhary (members) for conducting the fair election process. Jazak Allah..!

ICSC Board

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