🕌 * Jumu’ah Prayer at Mckenzie Towne Center* 🕌

Important Announcements:

–             There will be 4 salats starting March 5th, 2021

–              The capacity for Mckenzie Towne Center for Jumu’ah is only 45 Persons/Jumu’ah.

–             Please fill out the COVID forms just before entering Mckenzie Towne Center. Don’t submit it when you book the tickets please.



🔢 Number of prayers and attendees 🔢



There will be  4   prayers 🕌☪️ and the maximum capacity for each prayer will be 4️⃣  5️⃣  .


Prayers Registration via Eventbrite:


Each of the 4 Salats 🕌 would have a separate registration link as the registration tickets will be checked at the doors. Please register for one prayer only. If you miss attending the registered prayer, we won’t be able to accommodate you for another prayer.


Please register for upcoming 1️⃣ Jumu’ah ONLY. Don’t pre-register for all upcoming Jumu’ahs. We will reset/return the tickets on Wednesday next week to provide everyone a fair chance of registrations.


🕐1. Khutbah start at 12:30 (sharp) Salat at 12:45-12:50 PM 🕌

🕐2. Khutbah start at 1:00 PM (sharp) Salat at 1:15-1:20 PM 🕌

🕐3. Khutbah start at 1:30 PM (sharp) Salat at 1:45-1:50 PM 🕌

🕐4. Khutbah start at 1:50 PM (sharp) Salat at 2:10-2:20 PM 🕌


Register for Jumu’ah (Only for One 1️⃣ Salat time)



🅿️🚙Upon Arrival 🚗🅿️


  1. Please park responsibly. In case of any violations, vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Please stay in your car. The doors will open 5 minutes before the scheduled time

Parking Plan for Mckenzie Towne Friday Prayers (https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1ipYTkZv-GC4CkCClsbEWl9boaqZ-f9MY&usp=sharing)

  1. Follow COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing laws. Mask and prayer mats are mandatory, no exceptions.😷😷
  2. Please note, that there will be 🚫NO ACCESS🚫 🚽 to washrooms. – Make Wudu/Ablution at home.
  3. Keep your tickets handy (either in your email or print them out and bring them with you)🎟️🎟️


🅱️COVID-19 checklist (Fill just before entering for Jumuah) 🅱️


😷Fill these FORMS on the day of Jumu’ah 😷*

Just before entering Mckenzie Towne Center – please fill out this Checklist.

(https://icsouthcalgary.com/covid-19-checklist/) ✅


ICSC is striving to ensure compliance with restrictions for religious gatherings and every one has a role to play, so let’s please help us and may Allah reward all. For any Questions or Concerns, please contact Us.




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