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Donations Received

Phase I Total Cost

By the Grace of Allah Subhana-WaTa’ala ICSC is asking for your open and generous gift and support to make this project a reality, to establish our community’s Islamic Centre in South of Calgary Insha-Allah!

Masjid Location

Timeline of events

Phase 1
  • February 2020

    Temporary Building Options and Cost Estimate presented to ICSC Board

    Temporary Building Options and Cost Estimate presented to ICSC Board for Review and next steps

  • December 2019

    Start of Site Clearing and Demolition

  • October 2019

    Start of Site Construction Work - Tree removal

  • September 2019

    Submitted Sprung Building Option to ICSC Board

    Submitted Sprung Building Option to ICSC Board for Approval and received conditional approval to explore the option

  • June 2019

    Received Construction Permit from City of Calgary

  • September 2018

    90% engineering complete for IFC drawings

  • January 2018

    Agreement between ICSC and City of Calgary

    ICSC and City of Calgary Agreed on Cost and Security Bond for 104 St SE Road Construction & Highway 22X Intersection Upgrades

  • July 2017

    Engineering Design Contract Issued – Lump Sum

  • May 2015

    Submitted formal Development permit for approval

  • July to December 2014

    Following studies were completed per City of Calgary

    • A site concept drawings for the full build-out of the parcel,
    • Storm water catchment concept including design assumptions,
    • Fire Fighting Pond capacity and outline specifications
    • On-site Sanitary System proposed including design assumptions and Proposed source of potable water
  • December 2013

    Submitted initial Development permit request and fees

  • September 2013

    Approval of Re-Zoning Application from City of Calgary

  • June 2011

    Pre Re-zoning application submitted to City of Calgary

  • Feb 2011

    Contract Award for Architectural Design

    After three years of endless efforts by the project team, in September 2013 the rezoning application came in front of City of Calgary council after multiple rejections and submission of additional traffic and environmental studies, Al-Hamdulillah ICSC project received the historic, unprecedented approval from City for re-zoning.

  • 2009

    Land Acquisition for Islamic Center

    In 2009 ICSC acquired approximately ten acre property in SE Calgary with the intent to develop the Islamic Centre of South Calgary. The site is located at 16555 – 104th Street SE, just South of Highway 22X and approximately 2 km from the intersection of Stoney Trail East (Ring Road) and Hwy 22X. The land was situated outside city and no area structure plan existed, hence no construction could be undertaken without rezoning approval.

  • 2005

    Inception of an idea

    As early as 2005, the South Calgary Muslim Community had aspired to build a facility of their own where they could pray, hold Friday Prayer Congregations, where their youth could assemble and community could benefit from Halaqas, Quranic Education, etc.