ICSC Quran School Registration

❤️*ICSC Quran 📖 School Registrations are open* ❤️

The School Program is supervised by Mr. & Mrs. Sh. Iqbal Gora.


🔊*Key Dates*🔊


*Registration is currently Open*
*Orientation*: Saturday Sep 17, 2022
*Classes start* (Tentative): Saturday Sep 17, 2022
Classes will be held every Saturday from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM




$50/month for 1️⃣   kid
$80/month for 2️⃣ kids
$100/month for 3️⃣ kids
$125/month for 4️⃣ kids

*Seats are limited and admission will be granted on first come first serve basis
*Tax receipts are issued for all fees paid for Quran School
*Minimum age requirement is 5+ years old


Quran School Registration

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