Dear Community Members, Brothers and Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum,

I pray to Allah that you all are receiving this message in good health.

You might have heard that brother Nabeel Butt has resigned from the ICSC President position and currently working in Ontario. May Allah give him reward for his work towards community

With the brother Nabeel departure, I have to step up to take this position in current challenging Covid-19, economic and political turmoil that Calgary Muslims community is facing.

In these unprecedented challenging times, I have worked out on some short/mid/long term goals for the ICSC and I need your full support to achieve those.

Going forward, you will see some changes in our way of working. I will engage ICSC quadrant (deep SW/SE) community members for getting the necessary feedback and make sure we meet community needs and help each other when need arises.

See below for short/mid-terms goals that we (ICSC board) will be working (note there will be no change in ongoing great programs including Quran school):

  • Community Needs: Larger prayer facility closer to deep SW/SE, Execution of Islamic Center Phase I Project
  • Community Engagement: AGM, start of community member’s engagement sessions
  • Transparency & Accountability: Availability of donations received/spent information on web site for ICSC Operations and Islamic Center South Project
  • Improved Communication: Web site update, effective use of different social media plat forms, quarterly community newsletter

We can’t achieve these goals without full community engagement and support, so let’s be united and work together. Currently we require commited community members (brothers and sisters) to join ICSC board and also for different volunteer positions. So plz. step up and join the team; community certainly needs you and Allah will reward you for your efforts.

Feel free to call/message me for any concern/question/suggestion.

Jazakallah Khair


Farhan Khan


Islamic Center of South Calgary (ICSC)

Cell: 403-617-2428

539 Queensland Drive SE,

Calgary AB,T2J 4G4