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ICSC is dedicated to providing a welfare program for our youth in the community. We work with a variety of partner organizations to curate opportunities to gain lifetime experiences and develop crucial life skills.

Here is a list of some of our partner organizations across the city.

Ask a Friend

It can be difficult to navigate through the challenges of life when you are young. If you need any advice or help with any of your life problems, don’t worry. Ask a friend is an initiative designed to direct youth concerns to advisors and people that can help them. At the least we can offer is to listen to them. Head over to this page and ask your questions away!

Ask a friend


Volunteering is a great way to build your character and acquire some life long skills. ICSC is always looking for youth volunteers to help with daily activities around the Masjid. Head over to the page below to learn more about the kind of volunteers we need right now.

Volunteering Activities


looking for some tutoring help? need any questions answered. let us know, we have a team of tutors ready to help you.

Alternatively, you are welcome to follow us on facebook and message us there as well.

Tutor Request

Resume & Reference Letter

Looking to sharpen up your resume or need a reference letter for a job? We are here to help. You can request an appointment with one of our volunteers. We can also provide a reference letter if needed for you if you have volunteered with us in the past.

Resume/Reference Request

Women’s Wing

ICSC recognizes the need to host programs dedicated for women. We host workshops and weekly Halaqas just for women to talk about issues and opportunities to learn from each other. We also host weekly pot luck dinners as a great way to connect and meet other women of the community.

Women’s Events