Islamic Centre Of South Calgary (ICSC)

Islamic Centre of South Calgary (ICSC) was established in late 2004 in order to cater the needs of Muslims in South East and South west communities of Calgary. Our Motto is Connecting Community to Allah Subhana-Wa’tala.

ICSC serves as a chapter of the MCC (Muslim Council of Calgary). The regional boundaries of ICSC are shown on the map below.

ICSC is a registered not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Alberta Government Societies Act. At our South Musallah in Queensland, ICSC holds a variety of regular programs and events to serve the Muslim Community of South Calgary, These include:

  • Calgary Quran School and weekly Sunday Quran classes for kids and sisters
  • Friday youth night
  • Monthly / Weekly educational Halaqas
  • Monthly community engagement gatherings and seminars
  • Ramadan and Eid programs
  • Arabic learning classes
  • Charitable activities as collection and distribution of food and other needs

Some of our events require membership. Membership is $10 per person per year and can be bought by filling out this form.

Mission Statement

Serve the Muslim communities of South East and South West Calgary.

Map of ICSC Boundaries

Below is the map which identifies the boundaries of ICSC as per the MCC bylaws. For more details and information about MCC, visit



ICSC hold an election every 2 years and only society members and donors are allowed to vote in this process.

Farhan Khan



Vice President

Haider Ali

General Secretary

Sharjeel Khan


Tahir Munir

Director of Volunteers Youth

Sheikh Mustafiz ur Rehman

Director Events and Programs

Khurram Abbasi

Director Communication & Information Technology, Director of Dawah and Education,

Muzaffar Ahmad

Director- MCC/MAC/ MCFC
(ICSC Sector Representative)

Iftikhar Bari

Director MAC/MCC [ICSC Sector Representative]
ICSC Board Coordination & Facilitation